Nutrition Coaching

Our Approach Includes Developing a Customized Nutrition Plan Designed to Assist in Hormone Balancing for Men Throughout Illinois

Nutrition Coaching in Chicago Illinois - NewEra HRT Group  - saladWe believe there are many aspects to treating andropause, including the importance of proper nutrition and a structured exercise program.

A balanced diet can lead to balanced hormones and a balanced life! We offer custom nutrition packages, along with training consultations and plans. These packages can be custom-tailored to your own personal goals, whether it’s a more defined chest or toned legs. Even if your only goal is to be “healthy,” we have a plan for you.

Lean Mass and Strength Building Guide

This option offers a custom diet program to accomplish your goals of adding lean mass to your body. With this program, a realistic and easy to follow diet plan will be created with the goal of increasing your strength and body functionality, along with increasing muscle size. Feel fit, feel strong and feel healthy! You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from this program.

Clean Lifestyle Guide

Incorporate many healthy new meal options into your daily diet to ensure you stay in shape and on track. Achieve results without being weighed down by bland “weight-loss” food. We do an extensive consultation to identify your current habits in order to tweak your diet and get great health, energy and weight loss results.

Easy to Achieve Fat Loss Diet

Nutrition Coaching in Chicago Illinois - NewEra HRT Group  - tennisAs you get older, it can become increasingly difficult to keep the fat off and maintain your figure. This program was designed by an older man who has been there; he struggled to maintain his body, researched the many ways the metabolism transforms throughout a man’s life and is the best shape of his life. Getting you to the best shape of your life is our main objective, so you can enjoy the best time of your life!

At New Era HRT Group, we believe in taking a multifaceted approach to restoring vitality. Our network of specialists and physicians come together to address each aspect of treatment, from fitness and diet, to HGH Replacement Therapy and Low Testosterone Treatments. By combining a number of treatment methods all aimed at the same goal, we maximize results and the potential for long-lasting changes in your body.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your goals and get you started on the path to restoring your youth. Our concierge service is designed to provide you with the ultimate convenience and expertise for getting your health and energy back on track!