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Read some kind words from just a few of the men who we’ve helped reach their full potential:

It has been about year now and at at age 43, thanks to New Era I am in the best shape of my life and getting better every week. Treatment has provided overall better quality of life in all my activities. It's provided more opportunities at work and enhanced my time at home with my family. The staff are helpful, professional and easy to work with. Todd*
As an executive in the Information Technology field, high levels of energy and mental sharpness are critical to succeed in the workplace and combined with long hours and constant travel, the challenge of being excellent in both my professional life and personal life had become a challenge. I just didn’t have the energy and I noticed my mental acuity beginning to erode. I began researching HRT and contacted the team at New Era. Since my first introduction, my entire approach to life has changed to the positive in just 8 short months. I have the energy and mental capabilities back that began escaping me beyond 40. My performance in the workplace is on top of my field and better yet, I also have the energy to direct to my family and personal life. I absolutely appreciate the time Adam invested to gain an initial and thorough understanding of my baseline health profile followed by creating a customized nutrition, exercise, and HRT program based on my lifelong goals. The results have been fantastic in a short period. A critical element to the program was following the nutrition recommendations created by the New Era team and after 8 short months, I have gone from 17% body fat to 9% body fat losing 20 lbs. of fat and gaining 16 lbs. of muscle. At 48 years old I have never felt better and I am eager to see what the possibilities can be after seeing these fantastic results in such a short period. I just wanted to thank the New Era team and in particular Adam for providing me with the tools to thrive in life. Thanks guys! Anonymous*
I have struggled with both anxiety and depression for years. However, antidepressants and regular trips to the gym helped me manage both. In my mid 30s, my energy levels, motivation and sex drive started to wane. As a result, trips to the gym, social activities and intimacy with my wife became less and less frequent. It wasn't until I had a thorough blood panel that I found potential reasons for my symptoms. The blood tests revealed both a thyroid and testosterone deficiency. My desire to seek out formal treatment for the testosterone deficiency led me to New Era. I have been under treatment for just under 8 months. Things did not change overnight. However, I am back in the gym and tackling new responsibilities at work with a renewed sense of energy and confidence. I am also proud to report that this same energy and confidence has led to new levels of intimacy with my wife as well. If that's not a win/ win situation, I don't know what is! Anonymous*
I just had to write to tell you how wonderful my experience has been with your New Era Health Group. You have the finest staff, physicians, prescription medications, customer service, and prices in the industry! Everybody I contact is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for customers. The company really cares and this caring shines through in everything you do. I have tried other HRT companies in the past and NONE even begin to compare to the services of your group. Thank you for providing such an exceptional service. Don’t ever change a thing! Joel, 43-Year-Old Male Physical Therapist
So overall, I am very happy with how much better I feel. It seems like my hormones had been low for the past few years and it definitely had a negative effect on my body. I am hoping I continue to see differences as time goes on. Anonymous*
I have noticed a big difference in how I feel. I have more energy, no fogginess/forgetfulness like before, and less aches/pains. Better libido for sure. I have no adverse side effects either. The main thing for me is the achy feeling and joint pain letting up a lot. I still have some pain, but it has been significantly reduced. That, however, may be from pushing myself physically and having a diminished ability to heal for so long. Anonymous*
After living with these symptoms for long enough, I consulted with a physician in 2010. I was surprised to learn that the real cause of the problem was my age, rather than the injuries I sustained years prior. Still slightly skeptical, I started hormone replacement therapy. Within a matter of weeks, I could see noticeable changes; I realized I was finally on the road to a complete recovery. My attitude about my situation changed and I welcomed the thoughts and feelings of overcoming this battle. Today, all of my previous ailments are gone and I look forward to the next stages of my life with both the energy and drive to be a great dad. Dan S., Law Enforcement*
60-hour work weeks never affected me until two years ago. Turning 43 and managing life as a Corporate Attorney negatively impacted the energy I put towards running, golfing and my sex life; “blue-diamonds” were must for me! I did not realize there was a solution to my energy problems until a friend, who dealt with similar issues, recommended NewEra and the programs developed for men my age. I contacted New Era immediately, consulted with their physicians and started the program that worked best for me. Since I found NewEra HRT Group, I have experienced a complete life transformation. I’m back enjoying the things I used to love, on top of my hectic work schedule, and my wife is much happier with the newfound energy I put towards her! Jason D., Attorney*
After deciding to explore hormone replacement therapy, I wanted to make sure I went with the right team. My energy was at an all-time low, I felt like crap, and if I was going to invest in my health, I wanted to get it right. I talked with my doctor, spoke with some friends in the industry, and spoke with Eric and Adam at New Era several times before starting my protocol. They were patient, diligent, followed up with me when I asked them to, and have provided outstanding service throughout. My moods are better, my energy is up, and my performance is at a peak. I couldn't be happier with my protocol and the service from New Era. They are awesome! Justin K.*