Turning 43 and managing life as a Corporate Attorney negatively impacted the energy I put towards running, golfing and my sex life; “blue-diamonds” were must for me! I did not realize there was a solution to my energy problems until a friend recommended New Era HRT Group. Since I found New Era, I have experienced a complete life transformation. I’m back enjoying the things I used to love, on top of my hectic work schedule, and my wife is much happier with the newfound energy I put towards her!" Jason D., Attorney Read More Testimonials play_circle_outlined
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Live to the Fullest. Experience Peak Performance. Enter a New Era of Your Life.
We offer a wide range of treatments for the most common issues affecting aging men and women. Say goodbye to:

Illinois' Premier Men's Health Service Specializing in Hormone and Testosterone Treatments

Hormone Therapy & Wellness for Men & Women in Illinois - home-one

At New Era HRT Group, we are driven by a desire to help individuals whose lives have been affected by hormone deficiencies and low testosterone.

We aim to make a difference by offering therapies that focus on a “full-swing” lifestyle, which includes hormone replacement therapy, along with health, fitness and life balance coaching. These therapies are designed to achieve a healthier you by increasing performance, stamina and energy. Our goal is to offer our patients hope and excitement about a “new era” of their lives.

New Era HRT Group is dedicated to changing lives. The success of our patients fuels our passion for continuing to develop and refine our programs. We strive to offer solutions for all those affected by hormone deficiencies so they can live their lives to the fullest.

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