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Examples of a custom research paper

Writing a successful custom research paper requires more than just the time to write. You need to be aware of what it means to have a research paper that meets your expectations as well as those of your instructor.  What then are the building blocks of an effectively written custom research paper? A custom research paper should have a suitable topic, structure, format, supporting ideas and sources.

Here is an example of a custom research paper structure:

Topic: Which is the best; transactional or transformational leadership style?


Consider the following:

Nowadays, many organizations have understood the role of effective leadership in the success of the organizational activities. In spite of this, there is no clear understanding among organizations’ managers regarding the best leadership style to use. As such, the subject of effective leadership style is worth addressing.


  • Paragraph 1: Define leadership and leadership styles.
  • Paragraph 2: Advantages of transactional or transformational leadership style.
  • Paragraph 3: Disadvantages of transactional or transformational leadership style.


  • Thesis restatement
  • Summary of main ideas
  • Call to action


Make a list of all the sources of information that you have used in the body of your custom research paper. This adds credibility to your research paper.