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Why I Bike To Work

Why I Bike To Work

Not enough time to hit the gym five days a week? Tired during those long days at work? Revitalizing your life can be as simple as commuting to work, grabbing the groceries, heading to the movies, a dinner out, or picking up the kids from school on your huffy. Finding a consistent routine for your bicycle each and every day will improve your life dramatically. Your bicycle will be a daily meditation for a healthier lifestyle.

One day at a time is all it takes with a bike to accomplish a cardio exercise that will have a large impact on improving your health. Even a mile or two a daily routine will give you ten to twenty minutes for yourself to clear your mind. The daily routine can provide you with the quality time for a loved one.  During my ride to work I enjoy planning my work hours for efficiency or figuring out how to make the best of my free time. I have the pleasure of watching the passing flowers, the setting sun, and always end up realizing just how great it is to be alive.

There are no distractions of stop and go traffic. There are no inept drivers to caution or untimely pedestrians in the crosswalk. I can be in the moment with each pedal or contemplating the biggest dilemma of the day.  But always when I arrive to my destination it is with exhilaration and a mental state of serenity. I have a renewed energy and focus to charge through the next few hours. I feel the endorphins release through my mind and body that brings the euphoria of success every time I park the kickstand.

On your next movie date ask your companion if they would like to bike to the show. Take your bike to yoga class, your local farmer’s market, to the kid’s baseball game. I recommend replacing something simple for the first few weeks to keep your total bike mileage to less than four miles per day. This will help you stay consistent which is the most important thing in the beginning. After four to six weeks you should aim between four to eight miles per day for over the next six months. After a six-month period ten miles a day should be the standard. This is easy to maintain by finding a five mile destination and giving yourself a ten mile round trip. You will be amazed with the improvements taking place in many different areas of your life.

Pedal on.